María Jesús Orbegozo
María Jesús Orbegozo
Zumárraga, Guipúzcoa, 1945

María Jesús Orbegozo was born in Guipúzcoa, an important centre of the iron and steel industry. She has a degree in philosophy and during her time in the town she met people from different social sectors: industrial workers, artisans, small businesspeople, priests, friars and nuns, Basque nationalists, conservatives and radicals, exiles, emigrants... Her family became an ETA target during the early years of the armed struggle and suffered the kidnapping of her father in November 1982. At the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she became actively involved in the anti- Franco struggle. She left for exile in Italy, where she stayed three years, experiencing the invasion of Czechoslovakia and the May of ‘68. On her return to Madrid she studied for a degree in Clinical Psychology. Afterwards she decided definitively to go into literature. In 1991 she published the book of short stories Sueño Sin Trenzas at Editorial La Palma.