Nunila López Salamero / Myriam Cameros Sierra
Nunila López Salamero / Myriam Cameros Sierra

Myriam Cameros Sierra was born in Pamplona in 1978, and is an illustrator and grafitti artist. Her work has appeared on huge murals, shirts from different labels, exhibitions, the graffic press and much more. She has won several artistic and comic competitions.

Nunila López Salamero was born on a Barcelona housing estate in 1966, in the middle of an economic migration. Since she was 28 years old, she has written and told stories throughout the country.

They both rose to fame with The Cinderella Who Didn’t Want to Live Happily Ever After, an illustrated story that celebrates women’s liberation and changes the tale’s stereotypical ending. The book was a great sales success and is about to be published in Turkish and Italian after its Portuguese, Catalan and Basque editions.