The Duke of Alba's Secret Love
Original title: El amor secreto del duque de Alba

The Duke of Alba's Secret Love

Original title: El amor secreto del duque de Alba

Seville. In the middle of the 19th Century, Josefina Perrier, a beautiful, intelligent 18 year old woman with her head full of dreams, plans to marry her cousin Maurice Girau, the owner of one of the most prestigious factories in France. Wanting to leave the rigid morals of Seville society, where she feels trapped, behind, Josefina can’t wait for the moment when she will be able to tour Parisian avenues in a horse-drawn carriage or attend glamorous parties in high French society. However, her life will change forever the afternoon she meets Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, the 15th Duke of Alba. He is fifteen years older than her and married with two children, but handsome and seductive, and they embark on one of the most notorious romances of the age.

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The romantic and tragic story of an impossible love between a young aristocrat and a noble of much higher rank which breaks social norms and scandalizes Seville society.

Lola Artacho, great granddaughter of Josefina Perrier, has uncovered the passionate, dramatic love story passed down to her by her grandfather and father, in the process revealing one of the best kept secrets of recent Spanish history.

The House of Alba, led by the Duchess, has clearly opposed the publication of this book. For decades they have kept the story under wraps to protect the family name.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-3733-5 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca